Friday, July 1, 2011

Let Them EAT CAKE!!!

I guess you can say I got a little carried away when making these cute yummy looking cake cards. They were such a simple cut and fancying them up wasn't so hard either. One can never have too many Birthday Cards. Here are a few of the flavors I fancied up. Hope you think they are just as De-lish as I do. Enjoy!
my take on a Chocolate-Caramel Cake
German Chocolate
Rainbow Drizzle
 Strawberry Mousse Drizzle
I hope I didn't awake your sweet tooth...(lol). BTW, I can actually bake/make each of these flavor in real life. Unfortunately I don't own a Cricut Cake to assist with the decorating. I'll take a hiatus on that wish for now. Happy Birthday to all those celebrating an upcoming birthday or previous birthday. Pick your favorite and have a slice...yumm! Smooches...

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  1. Oh Felicia, your cake cards look so delicious. You rocked these cards! ~Shen


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