Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday!! & Happy 1yr Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my step-daughter (Keionta) who's a Blossoming Sweet 16 today. You are Beautiful, Smart and So Much Fun to be around. We Love You Dearly; Smooches... w/chocolate on top (lol). I also want to wish another little guy who's birthday is today of my co-worker's. He just turned 1 year old today. I worked on a few things for both of them, but I'm still finishing up my step-daughter's. It's hard to work on it when she's around because she lives with us and likes crafting too. I still want it to be a surprise for her and this is also my first time trying this craft so if it doesn't turn out right. I'll have to come up with a quick plan Anyhew here is a gift bag and card that I made for my co-worker's son's birthday.

I also created him a little Easter treat that showing next to the back. It's filled with little Baby treats I'm sure he'll enjoy. He's a little too young for the chocolate bunny phase yet. I put this together really quick so the recipe for it will come later if anyone wants it.

P.S. I have some wonderful news to share with you all that happened to me over the weekend. You have to come back later to see what that was. I get all squeely about it everytime I think of it.

It's Wacky Wednesday #35 at More Than Favors by Paula

Hey All,

I know I've been MIA for a while, but things happen such as life and no matter what we have to live it. Anyhew, I did get those baskets finished, all 14 of them and the kids and parents really liked them. Paula over at More Than Favors is hosting her weekly Wacky Wednesday Challenge #35 on her blog and I decided that these baskets would be the pefect entry for it. Here's the skinny on the details:
Welcome to another Wacky Wednesday!!! This week it's an Easter Theme! So hop to it and let's see your Easter Themed Projects! Momo & Gloria were asked to create anything with an Easter Theme.
Here's my entry, hope you all like them. Happy Easter!!! Smooches...

The recipe for these is just below these photos. Come back often I have a few more things I'm working on and I want to share them all with you.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Baskets - I'm Back with a Spring in my Step

Hi Everyone,

I'm back and feeling a whole lot better these days. Thanks so much for the concerned emails and comments. I truly feel special by your get well wishes. Ok well on to what I've been working on and will be working on more as this week unfolds. My family is getting together to hold a long overdue Easter Egg hunt with the kids this Saturday and I'm making a few little Easter basket treats for the little ones so they don't feel left out because I know the older kids will try to take all the eggs faster than they can. I have to make ten treat baskets. I'll tell you I did it to myself again! I made a simple treat basket in my head, but then when I went to put craft to paper, well.... I just couldn't help myself and ended up going beyond the idea I had in mind which would have been quicker and simple. **sn: I know the little ones won't even care about the details I put into these, but their parents better sure** I have pictures to show the step-by-step I went through in making one of them. Now I have the other nine to complete today. I can say, that I only needed One Cart [Easter 2010 - Seasonal Cartridge] to put together the whole thing and I know the older kids are going to be jealous but I know they'll have more eggs in their basket anyway and wouldn't want to swap their eggs for their treat baskets. So here's my step-by-step process. The Recipe details will be at the end. Please provide some comments. You know us crafters... LOVE Comments! Smooches...

Easter Basket Recipe:
Cart = Easter 2010 Seasonal Cartridge
Papers = Best Occaisions Pastels, DCWV Bright Color Cardstock
Easter Basket w/Handle = 10 3/4" cut at "Fit To-Page"
Easter Bunny Head = 2 3/4 used "Auto Fill"; I used my Gypsy to hide the facial features.
Grass = 2 3/4" used "Auto Fill"
PKS = PK-490 Everyday Character Faces. Used the Extra Large Face Stamp *(I drew in the Rabbit Teeth, Nose and Whiskers)
Stampin' Up Chalks = Colored in Blushed Cheeks and Distressed around the Rabbit Face
Studio G = Pink Flocking Powder for Fuzzy Ears
Stickles = Black Rabbit Nose
Easter Stickers = Had in my stash for while. One of the $1 Stores, can't remember where.

Used Tacky Tape to seal the basket together since I know it will be hold some easter goodies and I didn't want it to break. I'll be filling with the Treats later and take pics once all of them are complete. I'm sure filling a Spring in my Step lately. I hope Spring Has Sprung for YOU! Until next time, Smooches...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not feeling to well...

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know that I haven't abandoned you all. I haven't been feeling so hot lately and no mood or energy to craft either. I have a doctor's appointment today. There's been this nasty cold going around where I work and I've managed to steer clear of catching anything thus far, but maybe not this time. I don't get sick very often so I'm not going to claim it now either. We'll see what the doctor has to say. I will have some posts up soon of something things I've been doing on my gypsy. Until then, everyone take special care and share with someone that you Love Them today. Smooches...