Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Still Here... Are You Still There?...

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the wonderful comments you've left and personal emails of encouragement you've sent me. I
know only fellow scrappers like yourselves could really understand the life and times we sometimes go through when it comes to our crafting. Here are some other crafts I did during Valentines that I didn't get to post. I just love those mini mailboxes. I wish I had gotten more. If anyone has a few to spare... give me a holler; I would love it if you'd like to share. 

Papers (Various) = Martha Stewart, American Crafts, DCWV
Embellies = Target $1 Bin, K & Company, Michael's $1 Bin, other I had in my stash
Ribbon = Michael's
Peachy Keen Stamps = Happy Lashes Assortment

The two on the top were for my Mommy & Daddy and the one just below the pair is for my step-daughter. I filled them all up with their favorite chocolate goodies. 
I know, I know...what about Hubby. Of course I couldn't leave him out. I wanted to make sure his looked as masculine as possible without too many frills. Much of the same supplies are shown above.

I think I did ok. He absolutely Love It! Why wouldn't he His favorite cholcoate candies are Kit Kat & Reeses. I stuffed that mailbox to the max so much so that I had to hold it in place for a while before giving it to him. I can only tell you that the mailbox seet treats didn't last 48 hours. 

I'm still organizing, I got stalled a bit on other projects that came about during My Craft Space re-organization. You all know how that is. Anyhew, I haven't been quite completely away from my crafting. I just take and sweep whatever is on my desk to one side and make it work among the stuff around me. Sooo frustrating at times, but I get the job done. I'll be back on those challenges and sharing my inspirations in no time. Take care everyone. Smooches...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crafting Hiatus....

Hi there everyone, I'd like to apologize for not having any postings lately. I've been so, so, so, soooo busy it's unthinkable. I can't even keep up with myself. I know Life Happens, but this is ridiculous. The other reason is that My Craft area (which is part hubby's office and computer area/office for the house) is a Complete Mess!! I'm too embarassed to even take a photo and post it. I've been squeezing myself in, out and around stuff, just to make a craft or two and everything is every where. It was taking me longer to find where I put things than to acutally craft. That's when I counldn't take it any more. I'm in the process of taking every, I mean EVERYTHING out and doing a complete overall of Re-Organizing... I started last night and I can't belive that I'm finding double of things that I bought (ughhh!!!) and then finding things I could have used on a previous craft I've done already (double...ughhh!!!). Anyhew, I'm hoping that I can get this done by working on this everyday through the weekend as well as being off Monday for President's Day. I will share a few before and after photos later on, but for now. Please forgive me as I may not have any posts for a while. I'll try too, but I can't promise. I've seen quite a few craft rooms that I'm envious of...(wanna craft room swap? I'm certainly craft lifting a few ideas from rooms that I've seen out there. I could sure use some extra hands and ideas... Anyone Free for this weekend? (lol, the more the Until next time, Smooches... 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Valentine

Hey yall, I told you, I've been busy, here's another valentine card that I completed along with some others. You can check out my Gallery to see the most recent ones in the scroll.

Recipe: Standard A2 Card Base, Paper = Recollections & DCWV (Immortal Love), Embellies & Stamp = Michaels $1 Bin, Punch = Martha Stewart "Arch"

I'm not quite finished with this one it keeps calling me for something else, but I'm not quite sure what else to do with it yet. You know that feeling you get when know it needs a little something else and then the inspiration hits you. Well I'm still waiting on the hit.(lol) If you have any ideas, let me know. I share the recipe later once I'm completely finished with it.

If you notice a little blur in the top photo, it's not because of focus (ok, maybe a little), but mainly because I used my Action Wobbles for the very first time. These were from the free samples they gave out a while back. You gotta try these if you haven't done so already. I'm definitely going to be ordering some more. These really add some great character to your crafts. The inspiration from this came from my hubby (inside joke of ours), so this in some way is a tribute to him. I have another special Valentine that I'm creating for him later. ** Get out of the gutter yall...I'm talking about crafting...LOL ** . Anyhew please let me know what you think. I'll be entering some of these into some challenges out there and I'll add those links soon. Until next time, "Be My Crafting Valentine..." Smooches 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Challenge

Hi Everyone, I'm sort of getting back on track with my crafting and it feels Goooood! I have a few crafts that's I've been working on for Valentine's Day and I decided to link them to a few challenges out there. First off, Paula over at More than Favors is hosting her 25th Wacky Wednesday Challenge! This week it was all about Valentines Day. We were asked to create anything Valentine's Day Themed! Here's my entry. I wanted to keep it super simple and elegant at the same time. Hope you like it. Guess what else... this card is totally cricutless **oops did I say that, sometimes you gotta craft out of the cricut box... lol**
Recipe: Card Base - Standar A2, Papers - Recollections, Embellies (Hearts & Letters), Cuttlebug Music Folder. I'll have a few more Valentine projects to posts, so stay tuned. Smooches...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Crafting is Good..., Good for the Soul...

It is so true when they say that crafting is good (correction Execellent) therapy as it allows you to elevate into another side of creativity within yourself. I was working to the wee hours as we all often do, but I just had the bug going and I didn't want to stop. He're to hopefully getting myself back on track. I have lots more projects I'm working on for Valentines and I will share those very soon. Smooches...

This next project gave me such JOY creating as it kept reminding me of my now 20mo old little girl. She's my first child and I'm and sooo loving motherhood with her. Since her belly days I've always called her "Mommy's Sunshine" or "My Little Sunshine". She's such a happy baby and has the cutest smile that's brightens up like Sunshine. Anyhew this led me to the Peachy Keen Stamps: Sketch Challenge 44 with a Twist. I was smiling the whole time while making this. Here's the info:
Create a card or layout based on the SKETCH provided
Use a monochromatic color scheme 
What exactly is monochromatic? Using tints and shades of the same color. (i.e. if you choose "red", you must use red, pink, light pink, medium pink, etc.) Black and white will also be allowed! C'mon, it will be fun and SUCH a challenge!

Yellow is my #1 favorite color so this is my PKS Sketch Entry with a Twist. Yellow is a color, that just makes me smile. Let me know what you think.

Ok, yes if you've been here before you can see that I changed my look a bit on my card. I just felt it needed something more and then at last it hit me. So I hope you like the little added features. I feel it's the Perfect Sunshine...just like my little bundle of joy. Smooches...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is Exciting News!!!
Two of my favorites ladies, Momo (MadebyMomo) and Paula (More Than Favors) have finally answered our prayer, at least mine anyway. They have created a "ONE STOP - CRAFT SPOT" called "The Craft Hot Spot". Here you'll be able to keep up with ALL that's going on in the Scrapbooking, Crafting, Stamping...Blog World. I definitely will need this to keep up with all the many different challenges, give-aways, contest, design team calls and more. I think these ladies must have some sort of telepathy or something, it's like they were reading my mind the whole time; or is it just me. (lol). Anyhew... hop on over there and Check out the link and Read All About It. Show 'em some more love by becoming a follower. Until next time. Smooches... (btw, I finally got my computer back; ughhh soooo behind on my crafting, but Life Happens :-|)