Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Winner for Day 5 of My 7-Day Giveaway

Ok, I really played this fair and even tried contacting the winner myself, but no response. So I have selected a New Winner for Day 5 (with random.org) of my 7-Days of Giveaway. The New Winner is:
Day 5(New Winner) Terri - http://triesmakingcards.blogspot.com/
Terri, please get in touch with me ASAP, you will have 2-Days from this post to get me your address to send your goodies. Use the "Contact ME" link on my page. Hope to hear from you soon. Smooches...


  1. Congrats Terri!
    I didn't know that I had won until this morning, been having internet problems. I totally agree that the way you did it is fair. I hope that Terri enjoys the candy!!!!

  2. I wonder if you received my email with my address????!!! yes? no? let me know =0)

    Congrats Terri!!!!


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