Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WE Think You're Amazing...

Hi Everyone,
I'm scrapping in real quick to share a card I was asked to make at the last minute to give to someone as a Thank You card. I really like how this came out for some last quick thinking. I guess sometimes we produce our best work under pressure.
I will be entering this into the following challenges.
My Creative Time Designer Challenge - "1, 2, 3,..." (1-Bow, 2-Pattern Papers, 3-Buttons)
D.L. Art Thankful Thursday - Link Party "Anything Goes"
Hope all is well with everyone. Have a Scrap-tastic Day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SITM Update...

Hello My Friends,
At least I hope you are still my friends...<smile> Wouldn't you know that just when I think I have things planned out what I want to do and when I want to do it...there goes that thing called "LIFE" getting in the way again. I haven't even been home long enough to get a good nights sleep let alone...craft or even organize. My parents car broke down and they live almost 30min away so on evenings when picking up my daughter, sometimes I need to run errands for them or they need to use the car. Then on weekends I've been up early to drive to other commitments,  appointments, parents house or errands that needed to be taken care of. The shuffle of these few days and past weekend left me with a mounting headache where I couldn't almost see straight and I never really had that before. I am looking forward to this weekend because I only have two things to get out for on Saturday...(hopefully). My apologies for not having things here when I said I would,(I don't like disappointing you), but I didn't want to just throw some pictures up here that weren't presentable or organized. I will get around to doing this because, there is just waaaay tooo much stuff in my craft area for me to find any descent flat surface to craft.
In the meantime, I did however come across some cards that I never got to share with you all during the holidays. I was crafting like a Mad-Scrapper due to last minute card requests and my own personal gift ideas and cards. Just thinking back on it now I'm get a little upset with myself all over again because I never got around to taking pictures of everything before it left my house and hands...ughhhh!!!
Anyhew, here's a trip down memory lane of what I was able to snag a snap shot of before they left for someone else's home...enjoy!
I really enjoyed using those ornament dies from MCT, this helped me with a lot of mass producing cards along with some Christmas stamps from Hero Arts. I truly miss you all and my crafting more than you all will ever know. I honestly wish there was a true and safe way for cloning...(lol). I am determine to get back here soon and more often. I only hope you understand and will still be around when I do. Big Warm Hugs & Smooches...

Monday, January 14, 2013

From Stash... To Treasure

Hello There My Scrappy Friends...
If you've heard the term... "From Trash to Treasure", you usually know that it's pretty much summed up to someone find a great use or value from something another person had no use for anymore. Well, hopefully you've derived from my title something similar. While going through my "Clear the Clutter" Phase, I'm coming a cross a lot of stuff that I've purchased over the past that I either... haven't used, won't use or partially used and haven't used again. This brings me to a solution of ..."From Stash......to Treasure". Where many of you will have the opportunity to take these items off my hands and give them a better useful home. These items will be available for purchase in various composed groups, I just need time to get all of my photos ready for posting. Here are a few house cleaning rules: I will not divide or re-mix any group of items. How they are shown is how they will be sold (+shipping cost). I will be using USPS for shipping all items. International sales are welcome to purchase and I am willing to incur some of the cost of the postage based on the total purchase. I am also thinking of having one or two mystery boxes of items for purchase as well. Believe me, these will be well worth having in someone's happy crafty home.
From STASH...
(click on image to see larger)
Above are some shots of my craft area/office (sorry about the little blur) where the Clutter Clearance has begun. I know as crafters we thrive on hoarding our items and we can always justify why we need more than what we have, but after a few years  of crafting, I can tell what my most used supplies are versus what was purchased on impulse that I never even broke the seal on. Those items will hopefully find a happier crafting place that will keep the dust bunnies away and I can have room for my crafting style that I do most. It's a Win-Win for us all...<smile>
Some of the items and brands you can expect are:
  • Paper Stacks, Paper Packs,...  
  • Stamps & Stamp Sets
  • Ink Pads 
  • Craft Tools (Punches, Fiskars, Mixed Media...etc.)
  • Embellies ...etc. Just to name a few
So make sure to check back... once they items are posted they will be sold on a First Come, First Serve...Basis! All Sales are Final! ...hence the "Clear the Clutter" mission. You will not be disappointed, only if you miss out on these great items. I plan to begin posting by this week for sure...you never know what you might see.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year...2013!!!

Here's hoping everyone's New Year of 2013 is off to a Great Start! I'm getting myself A LOT more organized this year, I'm in the "Clear the Clutter" mode! There are some Great Things to Come with Scrapper in the Making so I hope you check back often.