Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthdays are Nature's Way of telling us to Eat More Cake!

Today was my Assistant's (60th) Birthday (yes 60, but she's got the same energy and fun personality of someone 20years younger) and I was so looking forward to helping her celebrate a little. The office really got her good, since she's always making a big to do of everyone else's signature birthdays. One of her BFF's found her old high school photo and another one with a pirate from a cruise and hung them around the building. It was so hillarious not to mention they put the same photo on her cake. Luckily she's such a good sport about things and we all had a great laugh throughout the day. Here is a picture of the bag and card I did for her.
I have some other cakes (cards that is) that I made similar to the one you see above, but in different I'll upload those tonight to share also. **sn: For those of you who noticed, Yes this is the same card on one of my earlier posts and this is who I was making it for so I had to show the bag and card as a set together.** Smooches...


  1. Felicia,
    What a awesome story and I glad she had a wonderful day. The gift bag is super cute...I have that paper stack also. TFS! ~Shen


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