Friday, June 10, 2011


Man Oh Man! Do I have a Scrap Haul for you all. I wasn't even looking for anything. (those are the best kinds of finds). I Just thought I'd make a stop to kill some time on my way to an appointment and Boy did I hit the Jack Pot! It was a bit too much to get it all out of the car last night. **sn: truth is, I didn't want my hubby to see it. I've made a promise to myself to cut way back (or out) any scrap shopping for a while due to us making some financial changes to reach a more positive financial goal.**. I hope he never reads this, or I'm B-U-S-T-ED!!. I'll have some picture of everything to post as soon. I'm sooo serious about these deals that I don't even want to tell anyone where I go them yet because I think I might go back and get some more and I don't want any locals to go and get the rest before ME!. Sounds selfish I know, but the TRUTH. I know you'd  do the same too, so don't go shaking your finger or ATG Gun at me. (lol). Not to worry, I believe I have enough to share with my blog pals out there. I'm almost to 100 Followers and when I reach it, there will be give-aways for a whole week everyday. WOO HOOO!!!!  SPREAD THE WORD and tell your friends and fellow followers to come on over and help Increase my Followers Count.

I have some other projects I'm working on to show you too. I've just been caught up with soooo many graduations, grad parties, office retirement & birthday party...etc. Things should slow down around Saturday afternoon or evening. I've been crafting, but haven't had a chance to take or post any pictures. I can't wait to share it all. Check Back Often, You won't want to miss anything. Smooches...  

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