Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Craft Space...

Ohhhh Nooo I can't believe I'm sharing this, but one of the talented crafters that I follow; Christina over at "Creations with Christina" challenged us to show our craft space. Well I don't have the exclusive dedicated rooms like most of you may have out there, but my area is a combination office space (for the house) and my craft space/area. When my daughter was being born, my DH wanted to make sure I had an area to still do my crafting being that we had to make room for the baby. Well before he could even tell me his vision of how to re-organize the down stairs front area, I was fighting him tooth and nail about how I didn't think it would work and it would be too crowded and cramped if more than one person wanted to work in the area. Luckily for him, he went ahead with his vision and when he was done. I was SUPER HAPPY!! Needless to say when I got a chance to play in my space, the first thing I made was a Thank You card for DH. I've loved my craft space ever since. It's just the space I need... for now. I can craft until the weee hours without disturbing anyone else in the house. Thanks again hubby. So here I dare share my craft space with you all out there. It needs a bit cleaning up and re-organizing, but that's a never ending task for us crafters if you know what I mean.
This is on the right side and where I sit to craft. Used to be a mock fireplace with mantle. We have a big copier in the far corner wall. I'm hoping to get rid of it because we never use it and the ink is too expensive for it.
Another view of my working desk and my True Blue Expression.
A right-side corner view of the above pics, facing my work area. A few punches on a rail I mounted. Other punches are in my drawer under the desk. On top of mantle is Stickles, Flocking Powder, some Ribbon dispensers, My coloring markers...etc. My quick grab accessories.
Two bookshelves directly behind or opposite my craft desk that hold all my paper supplies and other tools. My Laptop over in the hide-away cubbord to the right of the picture. Extra crates to hold all of my cricut cartridges (in a box for now) as soon as we get that copier out of the way.
Soooo it's not the grand palace of Scrap Rooms, but like I said "It works for ME" **sn: Frankly my dear... (you know the rest)** LOL!


  1. Love it!!!! As long as you can craft and your comfortable then nothing else matters!!!! But it looks like a great scrap room!!!!
    Have fun!!!!

  2. I love it! I am a new follower!

  3. Awesome craft space. You do have a blue cricut. I didn't know it came in that color blue. I have the blue and white one


Thanks so much for the Craft Love...