Wednesday, January 5, 2011

THIS IS IT!!! My First Scrapping/Craft Blog EVER!!!

Hi I'm Felicia [Fé-lee-see-ah] bka "Scrapper in the Making" aka "Frank-Lee Speaking...". A Warm Hugs HELLO from ALL of us (LOL). I am super excited about this and hope that you stick around, check back often and maybe Follow Me to see this "Scrapper in the Making" get her scrap on. I've been wanting to do this for some time now and decided to just go for it. It may not be the best designed blog you've seen, but it suits me just fine for now. There will be changes to come as I learn and grow. Thank You, Thank You to sooo many of you out there that have been such an inspiration to me. I won't name names, cause my head is bad...(lol) and don't want to forget someone. You may be able to tell through some of my designs though, where my inspiration might have come from. I would love any of your comments and kind advice you want to share and any tips and tricks of the trade you'd like to share. I'll be using a lot of products and tools, some for the first time, and will give you the Real Scrap on what I think of it. (I'm not one to hold my tongue either... :-D).

Seriously, I love, love, love this craft and scrap world that I've found myself in. Everyone is sooooo nice and supportive. Maybe the world would be a better place if everyone learned to craft or became a scrapper. (Yeah Right!, like my hubby would every get caught scrapping...LOL). Anyhew I can dream can't I? ***(sn: ooops, did I tell you that I can ramble on a lot. Those who know me well wouldn't daarrre say so in person, but that's what friends are for. lol)***

Anyhew, I figured if I'm going to be doing this blog thing, than what better way to start things off than with a Give-Away... Yaaaay!! (Since I never seem to win on anyone else's blog...Ughh! ***(sn: I think that is FIXED!...just kidding ***(sn: If anyone else out there would like to sponsor a giveaway on my blog, I would be soooo honored and thankful. Just Contact Me)

OK, here's the scrappy... After reaching 100+ followers I will have a Give-Away for 1-Week for each day of the Week. That's 7 chances to win. Each day will be something different so check back on all 7 days to increase your chances. All winners will be chosen using of course, I don't want to be accused of picking favorites ;-). So hurry up and invite your friends and fellow followers on over here.

Some of you may know/remember me from participating in a few challenges out there, but you might remember me better by my closing tag line to my comments on your blogs, "Smooches...". Yes, that's ME, we're one in the same. I decided to create a seperate blog to keep things from being confusing, for me at least (lol).

Keep in mind that this blog is a work in progress so there will be changes from time to time until I get it Just Right for ME. To all the Experts, Advanced, Intermediate & Beginners, like myself...Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. SMOOCHES... 

P.S. Check out my First Public Challenge for the MPS Design Team call for 2011


  1. Thanks for telling me about your blog! So excited for you...looks great!

  2. Happy Blogging!!! It looks awesome!!! Except, I don't see MY button! HAHAHAHAHA just kiddin!!!

    ♥ Nikki ♥

  3. @Nikki, oopps, that's an easy fix bcuz you were supposed to be there anyway.

  4. i will be back when not too busy :)
    thanks for letting me kniow of this new blog of yours--so far, i am loving it. need time to read tough, ;p


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