Monday, May 23, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy... Cloning Anyone???

Hi All,

Things have been so hectic for me this past week at work and at home. Our boss at work re-signed with less than a week's notice and that sent more work down hill to us that were already over-loaded. On top of that I had a few luncheons to prepare for and attend over the weekend through my sorority. I spent most of Friday and Saturday in between events trying to find me and my step-daughter (who was in Sunday's luncheon event) something to wear. In the midst of that, I'm also putting together plans for my daughter's 2yr old birthday party. I haven't even sent out the invites yet. Yikes! Anyhew, needless to say I will be crafting away in the wee hours this week. I'll definitely be sharing what I'm working on with all of you. Geeesh, I really wish they would somehow legalize cloning, even if temporarily. **sn(side note): I don't think I really want a clone of the exact me..., I know I can be a hand full myself sometimes and I might have to take Me(the clone that is) O-U-T! lol! ** I know, I know... LIFE HAPPENS! I just need to make sure that I take my Vitamins for sure and maybe some Anyhew I hope you stick around and come back soon to check on what I'm up too or see if you need to lock your doors in case I'm on the loose. Love you all... Smooches!

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