Monday, March 28, 2011

Scrappy Moms Terrific Tuesday Challenge - Smiley Cards

Hi Again,
I guess I'm on a roll. I wanted to enter into another challenge on cartridge I've been meaning to try, but this isn't a physical cartridge, it's one that came with the Gypsy during the holiday special when purchased. So over at Scrappy Moms Stamps they have these Terrific Tuesday Challenges and I just couldn't past this one up. Here's the skinny on how the challenge goes:
Happy Tuesday!! Welcome to the 2nd Terrific Tuesday Challenge of March!
This week's Terrific Tuesday Challenge cartridge is Smiley Cards! This is such a fun cart, hopefully this will reminder you to use it - I know I always forget it! LOL You can use a similar cut to play along if you don't own Smiley Cards!
Remember, we will do a drawing at then end of the month - joining both monthly challenges give you two chances to win! This month we will be giving away a Scrappy Moms Stamps set of your choice.

So here goes my Smiley Card entry. There is soooo much on this cartridge that I will surely be making a lot more from this one. Challenge or not. Hope you like it. I love reading comments so please feel free to share some thoughts on what you think. Smooches...

Size = A2 Standard
Papers = Recollections, Best Occaisions
Cart = Smiley Cards
Embellies = Hampton Art Glitter, PK-451 Wide Eyed Kids, While Gel Pen, Studio G $1 Phrase Stamps


  1. I am loving all of your creations! cant wait to copy some of them lol

    I am a new follower thanks to Momo :-) would be great if you could pop by my blog too :-)

  2. So super cute! I love the Peachy Keen face on the phone :)

  3. So adorable - the face is PERFECT! Thank you for playing along with us at Scrappy Moms Stamps! :)

  4. WOW, this card is SOOO cute! I am a new follower, sent by Momo! If you have a moment, please check out my blog at

  5. I love your blog! I have an award for you :) Please stop by my blog and pick it up!

  6. This is sooo cute. :)
    I came over from Momo's and became a follower. If you would like to check out my blog and become a follower I am at:

  7. super fun card! I didn't even realize that image was on there! thanks for playing with us at Scrappy Moms Stamps!
    liz :o)

  8. i love your blog thanks for sharing, i like finding new blogs cool hope u stop by mine

  9. A Really cute card, Momo sent me and I'm your new follower. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Hugs lin

  10. Love your card!!! I am a new follower sent over from MOMO. Please stop by my blog and follow too:)
    Sherrie K.

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