Friday, November 30, 2012

On A Mission... "Otway Family - Missionary Trip"

Hello My Friends,
I know I have not been crafting on a regular, but I am working on trying to carve out some dedicated time. I soooo need it! This thing called "LIFE", just seems to keep getting in the way...go figure, uggghh! (lol).
Anyhew, I'm coming to you on another note,.. This is something that is very near and dear to my Heart and Soul. My SIS "Heidi Otway" (My BEST Friend and god-mother of each other's children) and her Beautiful Family are True Living Examples of a Family of Faith & Servants. They are all very active in their community and church. I was Sooo Over-Joyed and Emotional when I saw that Heidi & Richard were answering their calling to the Missionary Ministry. I was even more Tearfully Emotional when I saw that the children were going to be involved to. That's just the kind of family they are...and with two teenagers and one college student, you can imagine that their household is far from quiet and orderly...(lol). I could make this a long post going on and on about my SIS and her family (I love bragging about them :-) ), but I'll save that for another time and when we've both had enough coffee...LOL!
Some of you may know that any person going on a mission trip can be a bit expensive, but sending a Whole Family can leave your mouth in the "drop-jaw" state when adding up that cost. Well, un-knowingly to Heidi & Richard (shhh...), I decided to jump in and help where I could by spreading their Mission Trip news on my blog. My prayer and hopes are that my crafty peeps out there, with the Biggest Hearts I know, would read their story and hopefully want to help fund this trip with them. Any amount is helpful and they & I would be Forever... Very Thankful. You don't have to even leave your name if you don't want to... you can donate anonymously if you wish, however in your comments at the end, please indicate the following signature tag: "(crafty friend of SITM or Felicia)". I say this because once all donations have been made and calculated. I will be asking Heidi & Richard to forward me the names and comments of those donations with the above signature tag and I will be drawing a random winner to receive A Box FULL of Crafting Goodies!! What better way to start off the NEW YEAR than with some Awesome Craft Goodies! Here is a link below where you can read more about this trip:
My Heart is moved every time I think of them wanting to do this and I'm keeping this request in my prayers until their trip is completely funded. If you like, feel free to share this widget on your blog's side-bar. I would be Humbly Grateful!
Biggest Hugs & Heart-Felt Smooches...


  1. Hello Felicia, You might want to check this post and send me your address. Thanks, Kathy

  2. @Kathy, Thank You Soooo Much... will be sending info right away.


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