Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Check Out My NEW LOOK!!!

Helloooo My Sun Shinee Friends,

If you've come to visit me, I just want you to know that YES, You're in the right place. It's ME your Friendly Fellow Crafter... "Scrapper in the Making".
As you can see I have a Whole NEW LOOK! I'm soooo Estactic about it. It's been a long process in the making. Feel Free to take a look around and don't forget to Grab My Button. (I've always wanted to say There will be a few more kinks to work out over the next few day and there are still some "Coming Soon" additions and updates. Be sure to come back often and tell all your friends. Big Warm Hug & Double-Smooches...(hey I don't have to write that anymore on the bottom of my posts). Did you notice my signature. Love It!
In case you were wondering, My site was designed by the Ever So Brilliant, Talented, Knuckle-Bumps, Dbl High-Five Girl... Tricia of Tricia Nae Designs. I can't say enough about her. She is Ubber Talented and knew just what I wanted, even when I didn't. She is Awe-some!!! I recommend her to the Fullest. If you really want your Blog to be one of the Hottest Designs out there in Bloggerville, You definitely need to get in touch with TriciaI Thank YOU Sooo Much Tricia. I'm so giddy over my New Makeover. Love you to pieces... Triple Decker Smooches. "You Rock". Let me know what you all think and be a little patient with me as we/I work through the finishing touches. There is a lot in store for "Scrapper in the Making" and my Friendly Followers.


  1. Loven your new blog! I can't wait to see what you have in store!

  2. Ur new look is awesome! Yes, love Trcia, she designed mine, she is awesome!!!

  3. Love the new look very pretty.


  4. Fantastic new blog look! I just love your signature with those big lips!

  5. Thanks so much girl!! It was a ton of fun working with you..and I think it turned out great!! :)

  6. Hi Felicia!!! Love the new look. Great lips.


  7. I like it. My make over is this weekend. See what I get???

  8. I like the look of your blog.


Thanks so much for the Craft Love...