Monday, August 29, 2011

"Blog Award"

Hello My Friends,
Just wanted to pop in and share some Joyful news. I just received this Blog Award from Candice at Stampin' Pearls with Candice. I am so honored for this award and will certainly pass this on to others who are just as deserving. Thank You CANDICE!
As part of this award, I have to answer the following 12 questions and pass this on to 6 people.  Here are the answers to my questions:

Name your favorite color? I like all colors, but I tend to always sway towards "Yellows" (it's a Happy color)
Name your favorite song? My Wedding Songs "At Last" by Etta James & "Forever" by Dave Hollister.
Name your favoirte dessert? Cheesecake (Sara Lee French or Cheesecake Factory)
What wizzes you off at the moment? Dishes left in the sink, when the dishwasher is empty for them!
Your favorite pet? Don't have any pets.
Black or white? Black
Your biggest fear? Any creapy crawly things (Bugs, Lizards,...etc.)
Best feature? Eyes & Hair
Everyday attitude? It must be in God's Plan...
What is perfection? My daughter
Guilty pleasure? Paper, Stamps and Embellies... Oh My!
When you're upset? I Shop...

This award is being passed on to:
Adrian @ By Adrian 4 U
Ana Maria @ Shorty Creations


  1. Congrats on your award!! Thanks SO much for passing it to me:) Your so sweet and thoughtful~happy to receive it!

    Sherrie K

  2. Congrats & thanks for passing along the award. Have posted it at bottom of my blog not that it is not important it is just easy to place it at bottom of my blog. We have the fav dessert in common: Cheesecake. We like the Cheesecake Factory and after we eat an entree we always share 1 slice of cheesecake.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. I sweetie, haven't visited you lately and thought I would check in, WOW... you so deserved this award! I received it too, but haven't had to the time to send it out yet. Now I can't send it to you... DARN! Love "At Last", cheesecake and ekkkkk, hate creepy crawlers! TFS!

  4. I am so honored that you thought of me for this award. I have also returned the favor and given you the award. I love your projects and sense of style.

  5. Thanks so much, I am very honored!


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