Monday, August 20, 2012

Re-Organizing..., Quick Project

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to give you a quick update to let you know I'm still here and kickin' (lol). I've been contemplating (more like avoiding) really taking the time to get organized in my craft space. I know I promised some time ago to give you all a tour after that massive Michael's storage craft haul I did (click here). I (more like DH) got everything built and put in place, but because I was trying to scrap and organize at the same time, I never got to a working/functional finished product I was happy with. Hence I went into complete organization mode, almost starting from scratch pulling everything off the shelves (whew what a Mess (lol)). I almost wanted to walk away asking myself what was I thinking. I think part of keeping my Mojo going is making sure that I'm organized and know what I have and where. I couldn't take it anymore when my trying to organize and craft in between kept getting in the way of each other. It took a lot of Sweat, OMG's, WTH's (heck) and Martinis to keep things going. Well I'm almost done and getting very happy at my new organizing, which will be a whole lot more functional for me for sure. This certainly brought a realization to How Much scrappin' supplies(DH might use another word) I really have. I was in shock and aw. I hate when I buy something I already had and didn't know because it was tucked away somewhere at home...uggghhh! Anyhew, I guess I'll add those to my giveaway stash. This also Really Exposed me to my hubby who was shaking his head the whole time at more and more stuff I pulled. I reminded him that he's the one who unleashed the Scrap-Beast in me by buying me my first Cricut (lol).
While I'm still organizing, I came across so many projects I'd done that were never photographed or posted or ones that I really liked and didn't know I still had. Here is one I'd like to share that I made for a friend of mind for their birthday some time ago. I'll post more as I go along (some new, some blast from the past) so that you can still have a reason to come visit me (lol). Once complete I will have some hauls and my complete craft space to share with you. For those that have to get back into the Back to School routine, here's wishing you and yours the Best School Year EVER! We are all Learning Each Day, whether in School or Not! Take time to Take in the Lesson! Smooch ya later...


  1. Good for you getting it all sorted out. I love the gift bag! Really cute.



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