Friday, May 25, 2012

Pink by Design - CAMEO Giveaway

It's Noooo Secret that I WANT TO WIN This Sooooo Baaaadd! I have been purchasing SVG files and even won a gift certificate for some, but wooo is me. :-( I have no CAMEO machine to use them on. Who does that? Me that's who...(lol) It would be a Dream if I Won this. I have been trying on various blogs over the past and anywhere I can find a giveaway for this machine. Still no luck, Yet. I'm sharing the information with you all as well. Why keep this Awesome News to myself. We all have as good a chance as anyone. Good Luck to us all. The Details are all on Sarah's - Pink by Design Blog. Not to mention she also has a wide variety of FABULOUS Stamps. I have tons in my collection for sure!
Dear Santa, I know it's a little early, but can you Paaa-Lease, Pretty Please! Bring me a CAMEO! Thank You Santa <3.
I Still Believe,


  1. I have my fingers crossed for you! Good Luck, I really do hope you win. I love mine, I am still trying to learn it but I really think it is a awesome machine.

  2. sweet felicia....i do too have my fingers and toes cross for you :P
    good luck my dear, good luck!


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