Friday, February 4, 2011

Crafting is Good..., Good for the Soul...

It is so true when they say that crafting is good (correction Execellent) therapy as it allows you to elevate into another side of creativity within yourself. I was working to the wee hours as we all often do, but I just had the bug going and I didn't want to stop. He're to hopefully getting myself back on track. I have lots more projects I'm working on for Valentines and I will share those very soon. Smooches...

This next project gave me such JOY creating as it kept reminding me of my now 20mo old little girl. She's my first child and I'm and sooo loving motherhood with her. Since her belly days I've always called her "Mommy's Sunshine" or "My Little Sunshine". She's such a happy baby and has the cutest smile that's brightens up like Sunshine. Anyhew this led me to the Peachy Keen Stamps: Sketch Challenge 44 with a Twist. I was smiling the whole time while making this. Here's the info:
Create a card or layout based on the SKETCH provided
Use a monochromatic color scheme 
What exactly is monochromatic? Using tints and shades of the same color. (i.e. if you choose "red", you must use red, pink, light pink, medium pink, etc.) Black and white will also be allowed! C'mon, it will be fun and SUCH a challenge!

Yellow is my #1 favorite color so this is my PKS Sketch Entry with a Twist. Yellow is a color, that just makes me smile. Let me know what you think.

Ok, yes if you've been here before you can see that I changed my look a bit on my card. I just felt it needed something more and then at last it hit me. So I hope you like the little added features. I feel it's the Perfect Sunshine...just like my little bundle of joy. Smooches...

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  1. monochromatic is the same color ...color on color...just answering your question you had on the adorable you are my sunshine love love it!!! If you'd like check out my blog Happy Crafting =)


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